Print Your Own Announcements

It's Easy to Customize & Print Your Own Graduation Announcements!

Our announcements are meant for ink jet printers with a straight paper path. They are heavy cardstock and will not curve easily in your printer.

We can personalize and raise print your announcements for you! Give us a call at 888-830-8305 and we will print your announcements with Raised Print and ship them to you for a small fee. We will send you a complete new set of announcements (you keep the ones you have). If you would like additional envelopes we can ship those to you as well.

$20 fee includes shipping and handling. We will personalize with raised print a new set of announcements and ship out within a 3-5 days. Please allow time for USPS or Fedex to deliver.

$30 fee. All of the above, plus a complete set of inner and outer foil envelopes.

(This offer is only open to people who have already purchased PYO announcements.)

Are you having trouble printing your announcements? Call us at 888-830-8305, or email [email protected], or, need urgent help, email [email protected]

  1. Choose your announcement size:
  2. Save the template (a .dot file) to your desktop. (right-click to save the template)
  3. Open the template in your word processing program.
  4. Customize with your graduation information.
  5. Adjust your printer options to your specific announcement size and print!
    (We’ve included 2 blank sheets for you to test first.)