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Please check back often for more resources designed for graduating college students.

Through our extensive network of recruiters and industry experts, Signature Announcements Graduation Guide will provide you with a one-stop location for the best information for all things related to graduation and starting your "New" life. We will help you finish up all of your obligations to graduate, get your first "After College" job, relocate to your new city, and start your new life with everything in order.

Graduating Students

Get help and tips for everything from:

  • Writing Professional Resumes
  • Making the right impression at your next Job Fair
  • Job Listings specifically for college graduates from some of the largest, most respected companies all over the world.
  • Refinancing your College Loans to cut your payments by up to 50%, and save $10,000's in interest and payments.
    • We are working with the largest and best College Loan Refinancing Banks to make sure you get the best offers.
  • Finding the best financing and deals for getting your new car.
    • Every car manufacturer has special offers for upcoming and recent graduates.
    • We will make sure you get the best, most up-to-date information, and the best deal.
  • After Graduation Guide will also include information and exclusive offers for everything you need to do after you graduate.
    • Relocation information to help you find the right apartment, or purchase your first home,
    • Moving truck rentals,
    • Furniture for your new pad, and
    • Setting up all of your new services
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Campus Living Versus Apartment Living
Student Studying

Though there are a variety of difficult decisions to make when heading off to college, choosing where you are going to live may be possibly one of the hardest and most vital.

Receive Money for Graduation
Degree On Money

Graduation announcements do more than just let people know that you ve graduated. Additionally, it lets them know that you're moving on to a new step in your life, and have worked hard to get there.

Protect Your Diploma
Diploma Frames

Since years and years of hard work were put into achieving your diploma, you deserve to celebrate it in style.

College Graduate Challenges
Student Globe

One common misconception made by many college graduates is that once you graduate from college you ll be able to easily get a job, pay off any debt, and go on to lead a financially stable life.

Moving Back Home After Graduation
Parents And Student

After college graduation, moving back home and in with the parents is sometimes the last thing that a graduate wants to do.

Job Hunting Tips

If you have waited until the last minute to start a job search, don't panic. The college hiring season is not as compressed as it was in the past and there will be plenty of opportunities to apply for. This doesn't mean wait!

Cover Letters
Writing Letter

Every resume you send out should be accompanied by a cover letter. A lot of job listing will not ask for one, but it is always expected. Every savvy job seeker knows to send a cover letter, even if it does take a little more time.

How To Write A Resume
Writing A Resume

The following comments are intended to help you develop a resume that will yield the best possible results from your job search.

Resume Tips
Resume Tips

You must make it easy for them! The design of your resume must highlight the most important information about your work experience, skills and education.

Temporary Health Insurance
Doctor's Picture

Of the many issues and problems that graduates face after college, getting temporary health insurance after graduation is one of the toughest and most important.

Car Buyers Guide
Buying A Car

Buying your first car as a college graduate is usually a necessary investment. Therefore, it s time to do your research to purchase a reliable automobile to get you where you need to go.

How to Establish Credit
Holding A Credit Card

Good credit will become very important when you decide to make a large purchase down the road, such as buying a car or home.