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Signature Announcements

Dedicated to Recognizing Scholastic Achievement!

Highest Standards From Start to Finish

Signature Announcements, Inc. has been producing the highest quality graduation memorabilia since 1994. Our company is family owned and operated out of Clearwater, Florida. Since our beginning, we have dedicated ourselves to recognizing the scholastic achievement of college seniors all across the country. Our products are officially licensed by your university, which eases your mind to know that we are not only a trusted brand, but every purchase made through us benefits the Educational, Scholarship, and Athletic Programs for your college.

Our Family's Promise

Our family's goal is to maintain the highest standards of Professionalism, Customer Service, Product Quality and Pricing. Becoming one of the fastest growing and most respected graduation announcement and memorabilia companies in the country, is the result of our solid dedication! You can be certain that we want to keep it that way!

Early on, we recognized the importance that students placed on receiving the highest quality, personalized announcements, to present one of their greatest achievements to their family and friends. Others have tried to copy us, selling lower quality imitations of our products, but have never succeeded at matching our exceptional quality, terrific value, competitive pricing and

"Designations are only given to members who meet very high quality and customer service standards."

Our standards do not end with graduation announcements; we uphold our standards with all of our products, including our diploma frames. We have dedicated our time and resources in producing the finest graduation memorabilia and ensuring that when you order with Signature Announcements you will have piece of mind in knowing that you will receive your announcements accurate, and on time - the first time you order them. Others may cut corners, which may earn you a slightly lower price, but in the end, cutting corners can end up costing you time, frustration, and more money in the long run.


We are proud members of The Collegiate Licensing Company, Affinity Marketing Consultants, Fermata Partners, Nexus Partners, Exemplar Associates, and many individual university licensing programs representing nearly every large university in the United States. These designations are only given to members who meet very high quality and customer service standards. We manufacture and license all of our graduation products in house, so our hands touch every product, and our eyes see every transaction.

Our list of associated universities continues to grow; please let us know if you would like your school or college to be a proud member of the Signature Announcements family. Also, if you are a school or college interested in associating with Signature Announcements, please contact our New Schools Department.

Exceptional quality, terrific value, competitive pricing and Signature service...that's the Signature way. Let us prove it to you today!

We guarantee every product we sell!
Code of Conduct

Purpose: As a family owned and operated business, Signature Announcements is committed to:

This Code of Conduct will serve as a guideline for Signature Announcements, Inc.


  1. Ethical Responsibility

    Signature Announcements must commit itself to the highest standard of ethical conduct and integrity.

    1. Integrity

      Corruption, extortion and embezzlement are strictly prohibited. Employees must not offer or accept any bribe or other means of obtaining undue advantage.

      Any actual or attempted violation by a Supplier may result in termination as a Signature Announcements Supplier and legal action.

    2. Gifts and gratuities

      Signature Announcements employees are prohibited by our Code of Ethics from asking for or accepting any money, object of value or preferential treatment from any current or prospective Signature Announcements business partner. Signature Announcements employees may only accept business-related meals, entertainment, token gifts or favors when the value involved is not significant and clearly will not place them under any actual or perceived obligation to the donor.

      Offering gifts or gratuities that would cause a Signature Announcements employee to be in violation of these rules is a violation of our Code of Conduct.

    3. Fair business practices

      Signature Announcements, Inc will uphold standards of fair business, advertising and competition and ensure that information provided to customers is not misleading.

    4. Whistleblower policy

      Signature Announcements will maintain policies that protect the confidentiality of whistleblowers who may raise concerns about ethical or legal issues within Signature Announcements.

    5. Community engagement

      Signature Announcements encourages engages in the communities where it operates to promote social and economic development.

  2. Workers' rights
    1. Universal human rights

      Signature Announcements, Inc. respects and promotes universal human rights as stated in the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    2. Harsh treatment and harassment

      Signature Announcements, Inc. employees will never suffer, or be threatened to suffer any kind of inhumane treatment, including corporal punishment, coercion, verbal abuse, sexual harassment or sexual abuse.

    3. Involuntary labor

      Signature Announcements, Inc. will not use any form of forced labor, debt bondage or involuntary prison labor. Employees and contractors should be free to leave work or terminate their employment with Signature Announcements, Inc. after a reasonable notice period. Workers will never be deprived of their identity documents or work permits by their employer or contractor.

    4. Working hours

      Signature Announcements, Inc. will respect local laws regarding daily and weekly working hours, including laws concerning maximum overtime. Workers must also benefit of at least one full day off per week.

    5. Wages

      Workers must be paid timely at a rate equal or greater to the local minimum wage. All overtime must be compensated according to local law. Salary deductions as disciplinary measures are prohibited.

    6. Equal opportunity employment

      Signature Announcements, Inc. will not discriminate against any worker based on color, ethnicity, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation, gender, age, union membership or marital status in any hiring or employment practices, including in the access of employees to promotion, rewards and training. To the contrary, Signature Announcements, Inc. acknowledges the added value of diversity in the workplace and encourages under-represented groups (such as women, minorities, disabled persons, etc.) to join the company.

    7. Health status and privacy

      Signature Announcements, Inc. will not seek unnecessary information on the health of workers or potential workers, by any means. Nevertheless, if Signature Announcements, Inc. receives information about the health status of workers or potential workers, we will abstain from communicating them to any third party. Discrimination, harassment or dismissal of workers on the basis of their health status, especially HIV status, is prohibited.

  3. Workers' protection
    1. Protection from occupational hazards

      All workers must be efficiently protected from safety hazards at the workplace and during their professional travels. All relevant risks must be identified and mitigated through proper design, engineering and administrative controls, preventive maintenance and safe work procedures. If still necessary, workers must be provided with the appropriate personal protection equipment. Workers will not be discouraged to raise safety issues. Workers using machinery will be protected through an appropriate design of the machine (physical guards, interlocks, barriers, etc.), training and preventive maintenance. The exposure of workers to biological, chemical and physical hazards, including radio frequency fields, will be identified, measured and mitigated. When necessary, workers will be provided with the appropriate personal protection equipment.

      When procuring safety-sensitive products or services, Signature Announcements may request tender applicants to provide a detailed list of workers protection measures, as part of their submission and contractual commitments.

    2. Emergency preparedness

      Signature Announcements, Inc. will also protect its workers from identified emergency risks (like fire, flooding, hurricane, war, etc.) by adopting appropriate emergency plans, security equipment and evacuation procedures.

    3. Occupational injuries and illnesses

      Signature Announcements, Inc. will effectively track and record the occupational injuries and illnesses of its workers. It will encourage workers to declare such injuries and illnesses, and provide them with the appropriate treatment. The Supplier will also search and mitigate the causes of these harms.

  4. Prohibition of Child Labor
    1. Mission Statement

      Education for all children is essential to long term development. Signature Announcements’ mission is to provide "freedom to access today's world for people in emerging markets". The access of children to education forms part of the foundation essential to the achievement of this mission. Therefore, Signature Announcements is particularly concerned about child labor.

    2. Banning child labor

      Signature Announcements prohibits the use of child labor in our operations, our distribution network and in the manufacturing or execution of the products and services we purchase. Following ILO and UNICEF recommendations, children will not be employed Signature Announcements, Inc. and its own direct Suppliers unless they have reached the greatest among:

      • local minimum school leave age
      • local minimum employment age
    3. Physically demanding and hazardous work

      Physically demanding and hazardous labor is prohibited for anyone below the age of 18.